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Meet Lune+Aster

Marla Malcolm Beck

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Bluemercury and creator of M-61 skincare, I pay close attention to what’s missing from our carefully curated selection of beauty products. I also receive countless requests for beauty advice. After years of questions from my time-starved, high powered executive and do-it-all mom friends who were seeking simple makeup solutions that didn’t exist, I hit the lab with the goal of taking the guesswork out of makeup application.

The result: Lune+Aster, a paraben-free, vitamin-infused minimal effort, maximum effect makeup line. Foolproof makeup… in minutes!

From a sheer full coverage SPF 50 CC cream to primers packed with skincare benefits, Lune+Aster’s multitasking basics are packed with clean treatment ingredients (many formulas are gluten free and vegan), organized into easy-to-follow categories and designed to serve as building blocks of a pulled-together look that can be integrated with any routine. Lip glosses feature aspirational names to reflect the many hats today’s modern woman wears or wants to be. Whether you’re CEO by day, Editor-In-Chief of homework by night or Soccer Mom on Saturday, there’s a shade to suit your every move and mood.

For the modern powerful woman who wants to look chic but doesn’t have time for a complicated routine, Lune+Aster promises all of the polish, none of the primp.